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Changes to the Citizenship Application Fees

The UK Border agency has announced new changes to the citizenship application fees and visas. Mr Damian Green has proposed an increase in the fees relate to settlement and citizenship for the UK not long ago. The UK Border Agency is now making the change official on their website starting April 6th on.

Many UK residents are puzzled by the announcement. It was common knowledge that the Border Agency was proudly communicating a reduction of the 20% of their expenses in 2011 optimizing their supplier chain and support services. We where becoming a more secured country and an efficient entity that promoted skilled citizen settlements. Where does this new update leave us?

Basically the 20% savings are not hitting the target. Mr Green assures that the increase in fees will result in a better protection of our borders and won’t stop or avoid further settlement. In his words a new citizen or immigrant should meet this requirement in order to enjoy full protection of the UK Borders.

On his wordsI believe these proposals continue to strike the right balance between maintaining secure and effective border controls, and ensuring that our fees structure does not inhibit the UK’s ability to attract those migrants and visitors who make a valued contribution. It is right that those who benefit directly from the immigration system should pay to meet the costs of securing the UK’s borders.

In the other hand there have been some rumors regarding the ESOL courses for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Visas. It has been said that from 6th April on the approval of “The Life in the UK” Test will be sufficient proof in matters of language level.

However, as stated before, we haven’t been able to confirm such changes and the 6th is approaching fast. We will maintain you informed as soon as the UK Border Agency puts some light to the subject. Stay alert!!!

Wakeel Effendi

We elected this government hoping that this government will think of poor and low earning people who are striving to live in UK. but this government is doing totally against our hopes.
I am not happy with their policies at all. VAT increased, Prices Increased, Patrol Increased, jobs cut down, legal benefits cut down, salary increment freez now the time to put limits on our lives. what else is this government thinking to snatch from hard working people????????
I demand Mr. Green keep his words and restore new fees proposal applicable from 6th april 2011.