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History Questions

London, October 18: In a recent statement, Prime Minister David Cameron announced the Government's intention to include questions on British history in the UK Citizenship Test, also known as "Life in the UK" test.

At this time the test is based on chapters 2 to 6 of the study guide "Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship". It is not totally true that these chapters do not contain any questions on history. But the Government now intends to include the Chapter 1, "The Making of the United Kingdom", as well. This chapter covers the entire British history, from the Roman conquest to the Thatcher Era and the New Labour.

From today, is offering 170 new questions, based on this chapter exclusively, and available optionally as part of our Complete Training Kit. Users can practice with these questions by activating the "History" feature in their Control Panel > Settings. It will remain an optional feature until the Home Office officially announces the inclusion of Chapter 1 in the Citizenship Test.

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